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Should he get the tab?

There are many, hotly-debated topics in this time, but can we get serious about the prickly one? Who is supposed to pick up the tab on a date? Finally, a formula for all you confused daters out there! Also on this podcast we tackle the concept of an open marriage, …


WAIT! Bras are a thing of the past? (happy dance!)

Stop the presses (does anyone say that anymore?), bras apparently are not worn much anymore! Leave it to the younger generation to finally clue us in on the end of our misery! Not sure all are onboard, but it makes for lively chat! Also today: The courage of Chadwick Boseman, …


Moms really DO pick a favorite kid! Uh Oh!

Imagine the uncomfortable silence that can happen at dinner tables around the world now that “science” says Moms really do have a favorite child! Things get a little prickly when both kids hold her hands to the fire! Also today: The disappointment of no fall football, the oddly cool fitness …