Yes, we talk Coronavirus! Isn’t everyone?

Yes, the pandemic rears its ugly head in this podcast and we talk about corona scams and toilet paper hoarding, but we also talk about sounds that drive you nuts, the push for a 4 day work week, what women couldn’t do 100 years ago and more!


What the heck are “Muckbangs” and how can we make “Muckbank” trying?

So much to explore this week! Muckbangs have opened our eyes to a new world of craziness, first dates apparently should only be super short, headaches are the worst but there are tricks for help, and how Valerie Bertinelli handles shamers with class, and more!


Nothing better than the way love smells! Yes, SMELLS!

This week on The Shawn and Kate Show podcast: We take up the idea that old people are doing so much more than us, that the Japanese have a way to eat for a slim life for life, the reasons babies stare at some people, the true smell of love, …