Shower Meditation? Sure! pass the loofah!

Oh the fun we have for you! Here is what we are chatting about and sharing with you today: the biggest turnoffs according to women, your social media mental state and how to put that phone away, the way to get your zen in the shower, tips to deodorize a …


Can You Share Too Much? Apparently…YES!!!

The perils of over-sharing as a mother and daughter; this was an eye opener! And in this show we chat about, a sushi story that may make you rethink raw, the Japanese Covid-19 rollercoaster rules, help for sweaty sleepers, keyboard warriors and their pandemic affairs, and GenZ…the generation we can’t …


The colors that could bring you ALL the things! Change your luck!

If you could wear a color that would bring you luck, love, happiness…would you? We talk with a pro about that today plus: the 90’s trends making a comeback, the things going away on planes, online dating turnoffs, the wonders of water, and ways to live through working at home …