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Smells And Memories—Not always a great thing!

We are headed into Memorial Day weekend with new (stay in place) ways to observe, so we have time to think about things like: do dogs know how long you’ve been gone, smells and the memories they bring, crazy Instagram challenges, retail changes forever more, gender reveal nuttiness, and what …


Coronavirus AND Aliens?? What is happening???

Let’s face it, Coronavirus is going to unfortunately be a topic of discussion for awhile yet! But, there are other things to chat about this week like…the Zoom conferencing tricks to know, the worthless but fun facts to inject into your boring Zoom gatherings, the craziness of aliens among us, …


Quarantine Close Quarters: The stories, and fun with Shawn and her daughter!

So how are you dealing with “Stay at Home” Covid-19 orders? Shawn and her daughter, Cydney, are finding out many new things about each other! They also explore telehealth insecurities, mask mishaps, the grooming habits that we are skipping, what to do with that hair, and the new trends coming …