Wait! Don’t spit! What you need to know about DNA tests!…Too late?

Today we have answers to questions you never asked! You’re welcome! Like: what you need to know about the DNA home tests, how to move on after the death of a loved one, sleeping un-coupled, why women’s restrooms are so posh, and how to spot a non-hugger! Now, bring it …

Pen Paper resize

Get smarter and get out a pen and paper! We are kicking it “old school”!

So much real advice, we had to talk about it instead of putting it on the “gram”! This show we share the smarts behind writing by hand, the way to decipher what Gen Z is saying, how to detect your EQ-emotional IQ, how flying messes with you body, and how …


Quit stressing! We can see your grays!

Shawn and Kate are back this week with chat about the casting call for a new “OLD” Bachelor, how stress actually kills your hair, the case for the 3 day work week, boozy spas and more!!!