The colors that could bring you ALL the things! Change your luck!

If you could wear a color that would bring you luck, love, happiness…would you? We talk with a pro about that today plus: the 90’s trends making a comeback, the things going away on planes, online dating turnoffs, the wonders of water, and ways to live through working at home …


News Flash! Parents Lie! Take it from Shawn, she says maybe she did once!

Did you know parents lie? Really? We had no idea (insert chuckle here!)! Plus, n this podcast we explore the dirtiest thing you touch that could spread Covid-19, how feng shui could redirect your luck and life, Adele’s trainer tells how she dropped her pounds, and an homage to dads!


This show is a stew with everything thrown in: racism, covid-19 free things to do, AND sleeping naked! Just add water!

This podcast is a roller coaster of emotions! We have a real discussion about racism with a dear friend, we have the things you can get for free due to coronavirus, the sleeping naked debate, the old-timey words that make you sound elderly, and the battle between dogs and cats …


Style Choices, Whose Business Is It Anyway?

Is there an age for the headband? We dive into the topic of age and fashion choices in this show and stir up some opinions! Also, we explore the 2% of the lucky people who have a beautiful trait, the coronavirus dreams that are crazy and vivid, the safe way …

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Smells And Memories—Not always a great thing!

We are headed into Memorial Day weekend with new (stay in place) ways to observe, so we have time to think about things like: do dogs know how long you’ve been gone, smells and the memories they bring, crazy Instagram challenges, retail changes forever more, gender reveal nuttiness, and what …


Coronavirus AND Aliens?? What is happening???

Let’s face it, Coronavirus is going to unfortunately be a topic of discussion for awhile yet! But, there are other things to chat about this week like…the Zoom conferencing tricks to know, the worthless but fun facts to inject into your boring Zoom gatherings, the craziness of aliens among us, …


Quarantine Close Quarters: The stories, and fun with Shawn and her daughter!

So how are you dealing with “Stay at Home” Covid-19 orders? Shawn and her daughter, Cydney, are finding out many new things about each other! They also explore telehealth insecurities, mask mishaps, the grooming habits that we are skipping, what to do with that hair, and the new trends coming …


Coronavirus = Anxiety! We have the Apps that can help!

Let’s face it, we are all stressed to the max right now! So why not tune in for some great coping advice? We have the immune boosting food you should stock up on, the anxiety tools to get you through this odd time, stories from our sponsors on how their …


Yes, we talk Coronavirus! Isn’t everyone?

Yes, the pandemic rears its ugly head in this podcast and we talk about corona scams and toilet paper hoarding, but we also talk about sounds that drive you nuts, the push for a 4 day work week, what women couldn’t do 100 years ago and more!


What the heck are “Muckbangs” and how can we make “Muckbank” trying?

So much to explore this week! Muckbangs have opened our eyes to a new world of craziness, first dates apparently should only be super short, headaches are the worst but there are tricks for help, and how Valerie Bertinelli handles shamers with class, and more!